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Opportunity Coach Program

Made Possible by a Community Block Grant from Dane County, with the help of the Sun Prairie Public Library, and run by Shelter From The Storm Ministries, Inc. 
Anyone is free to use this website. We are able to help people in-person who live inside of Dane County but outside of Madison, WI. They also need to earn 80% or below of the median income for our area.

"I want to work at a good job, but there are some things I need to take care of first...."

Mother and a Child
I need Child Care assistance and help finding daycare openings
I am having issues with transportation
Working Cafe
I don't have access to the technology I need (computer, WiFi or a phone)
I would like to get a Haircut &/or Interview Clothes
Graduation Handshake
I want to get my GED/HSED so I qualify for better jobs
Teacher Helping Student
I could use help with my resume or applications
Woman Reading
I want help with my reading
Chalkboard with Different Languages
I want to learn better English. 
 Scales of Justice
I have Legal Issues/Work Permits/Immigration
Going or a Walk
I am caring for another adult in my household
Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment
I want help getting sober/clean
Job Interview
I want a new career, but I'm not sure where to start
I think I may not be able to work anymore due to a new disability or mental illness.
Adult Education Course
I know what I want to do, but I need to take a class/classes to get that job
Police Car Lights
I have a criminal record and don't want to waste my time applying to companies that won't give me a chance.
Business Introduction
I lost my social security card or ID
Job Interview
I got fired and I'm still not sure why? I'd like some basic training before I get out there, so it doesn't happen again.
I am ready to apply for a better paying job now
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